Health-giving and Growth-promoting Herbs for Chickens

Do you know that herbs have the capability to replace antibiotics? This will be possible if our scientists step up their research on herbs. Right now, there are lots of proven and promising researches that show that herbs and plant extracts can be used to prevent and treat diseases in farm animals. They can also be used to promote growth and lower mortality.

The good thing about herbs is that they can be used without the risk of creating the dreadful antibiotic resistance in man and farm animals.

The ebook you’re about to download contains a lot of herbal and plant extracts for chickens. You can make them in your home and benefit from the health-giving and growth-promoting power of herbs. The ebook contains:

  1. Various herbs and plant extracts that have been used to prevent diseases
  2. Herbs and plant extracts that can be used to promote growth in broilers
  3. Herbs and plant extracts that can be used to increase egg production and egg weight
  4. Herbs as an alternative to antibiotics without the risk of antibiotic resistance.

How to Get the Ebook

You can get it free by completing a survey or you can buy it from Amazon.


Buy from Amazon @ $2 (coming soon…)

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