Raising Chickens: How to Stop Egg Eaters

It can start as a mistake – a bird step on an egg with weak shell and it break, or two birds are fighting in the nest box and an egg got broken. Whichever way, once an egg break and a hen taste the yummy content, that hen will embark on a mission of egg eating and others will watch and learn from her. Egg eating can cost you a lot if it goes uncheck and the funny part is that they can eat the whole egg – both the yummy content and shell! Sometimes you might not see evidence of the crime if you don’t pay attention to details.

Signs of Egg Eating

If you notice egg shells (even tiny ones) and wet spots in the nesting box, suspect egg eating. The culprit might have yolk on their beak, feathers and face, so look closely. During peak laying times,
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