Broiler Medication and Vaccination Chart

Below is broiler medication and vaccination chart you can follow. Vaccinating your birds against viral diseases is very important because viral diseases are incurable. Vaccination will help to prevent or reduce the severity of viral diseases.

Medication on the other hand, is used to treat or prevent diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or protozoa. But if you follow good biosecurity measures, you can reduce the amount of medication you give.

Here goes the chart:

Day 1: Marek vaccine: This is usually given to the chicks at the hatchery.

On getting to your brooding pen, give them multivitamins and minerals in water. Provide broiler starter feed in enough feeder such that all of them can feed at the same time without struggle.

Day 2-4: Multivitamins and antibiotics. Recommended antibiotics include …..

Day 5: Gumboro vaccine via drinking water.

Day 7: Lasota for Newcastle disease

Day 10-12: Anti-coccidiosis drugs and vitamins/minerals

Day 13: Antibiotics and vitamins/minerals

Day 15: Gumboro via drinking water.

Day 17: 2nd lasota via drinking water

Day 19: Fowlpox vaccine via wing web puncture. Examined them 1 week later for swelling and scab formation (“take”) at the site of vaccination. Absence of “take” indicates lack of potency of vaccine, passive or acquired immunity, or improper vaccination. Revaccination with another serial lot of vaccine may be indicated.

Day 19-21: vitamins-minerals and Antibiotics like tylodox against Chronic respiratory disease (a.k.a cough and catarh)

Day 24-26: Anticoccidial drugs.

Day 29: 2nd gumboro via drinking water

Day 31: 3rd lasota via drinking water

Day 38-40: Anticoccidial drugs.

Day 42: Deworm via drinking water. Examples of dewormers include fenbendazole, niclosamide, praziquantel, Ivermectin, Piperazine etc.

Day 49 (week 7): 4th lasota via drinking water


1. Add skimmed milk to the water 20 minutes before mixing in lasota or gumboro vaccine. The skimmed milk helps to distribute and stabilize the vaccine virus. It also protect it from chlorine. Amount to add is 2-2.5g per liter water. Simple hanging scale is a must have for every farmer. It will help you to measure correct dosage for drugs.

2. You can reduce the amount of antibiotics if you follow good management practices such as good ventilation, dry litter, giving probiotics, biosecurity measures etc.

3. Stop giving antibiotics 1 week before you sale to prevent antibiotics residues in the meat. Such residues can trigger antibiotic resistance in humans.

4. Beyond 7 weeks, give lasota monthly. Give vitamins-minerals for 3 days every other week and anticoccidial every 3 weeks. Anticoccidial drugs are needed mainly when birds are raised on deep litter floor, not wire or slatted floor. But it is uneconomical to raise broilers beyond 9 weeks unless the selling price is favorable.

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