Formulating Your Own Chicken Feed: 3 Ways to Go About It

Feed cost constitutes over 70% of the total cost of broiler and egg production. So you can gain more profit by minimizing feed cost without jeopardizing feed quality. One way to go about this is by producing your own feed. You can do this in 3 ways depending on your expertise, time and availability of equipment. The 3 ways are discussed below:

1. Toll Milling: Here, the farmer pays a commercial feed miller to mill the feed for him. The miller will grind the feed ingredients and mix them using their feed formula or the one you provided. The feed ingredients can either be purchased from the miller or provided by you.

Advantages: You don’t need to own very cost feed milling equipment like grinder, mixer, generator etc. You have some control on the cost and quality of feed ingredients. So if you can get these ingredients at
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