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I don’t practice agriculture just because it is fun. I also practice it because of the money! African Youth can’t be encouraged to practice agriculture without revealing to them how lucrative it is. It is an evergreen business because come rain come sunshine, man must wack (eat). From the experience I’ve gathered over the years, I decided to create this website so that you too can also benefit.

  1. Ikeme H Oluchukwu
    Ikeme H. Oluchukwu

I started with 500 day old chicks (egg layers, Sept. 2013). After trying my best and learning from my mistakes, I sold them off as old layers and brought in a second batch of 600 day old chicks (Layers, May 2015). Having learnt from my mistakes, this second batch was much more successful. After selling them off (Dec 2016), I brought in 600 day old chick broilers (Jan 2017, to be sold off during the easter festival). Future plan include finding a bigger site that can accomodate over 5000 birds and expanding into crop farming.

To succeed in this business, do detailed research using the internet and seeking advice from successful farmers. Start small and learn from your mistakes. Once you’ve gotten the experience that will make you succeed, agriculture will no longer be a venture that is ‘too’ risky (as some erroneously believed).

If you want to get the most out of this website, read my blog posts at Farmersjoint.com/blog. Join the forum at Farmersjoint.com. In the forum you can ask questions and get reply from experienced farmers. You can also join our facebook group here.

Finally, you can make a lot of money from agriculture. The information you’ll get from this site will help you get there. Many farmers are not successful because they lack the real information that will help them succeed. At farmersjoint.com, we give you the information that will help you succeed. Join us let’s make agriculture great and end high food prices. Thanks.