Biogas Technology: Types of Anaerobic Digesters

An anaerobic digester – also called a biogas digester or simply a digester – is an air-tight chamber that is used to produce biogas and a rich organic fertilizer called digestate. When you feed organic materials (also called feedstock, raw slurry etc.) like animal manure or plant wastes into an anaerobic digester, it will decompose in the absence of air to produce the two products previously mentioned.

The act of decomposing in the absence of air is called anaerobic digestion or simply digestion. So we can say that the anaerobic digester is digesting the feedstock fed into it. In this article, we’re going to focus only on the popular types of digesters.

Digesters are generally classified into batch-type and continuously-fed digesters base on the type of feeding/loading.

A. Batch-type Digester: In this type of digester, the feedstock is loaded into the digester and left there until anaerobic digestion is complete
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