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On Chickens

  1. 10 Tips on How to Avoid Early Chick Mortalities
  2. Feed Consumption Plan and Body Weight Target for Laying Hens: Find out an estimate of how much feed a laying breed will need daily from day 1 to 80 weeks old, plus their growth rate.
  4. Health-giving and Growth-promoting Herbs for Chickens (Sales): Merely giving herbs to your chickens can improve their growth and protect them from diseases. Find out which herb combination work best.
  5. Formulating Your Own Chicken Feed: 3 Ways to Go About It: Do you want to reduce feed cost? Then formulate your own feed!
  6. Chicken Health: Avoiding Antibiotic Abuse through Laboratory Tests:
  7. Chicken Diseases: How to Get Rid of Mucus in the Mouth
  8. Prevention and Treatment of Coccidiosis in Chickens
  9. Benefits of Aspirin for Birds
  10. How much feed will a chicken need per day
  11. Herbs For Chicken Health
  12. How to Prevent Diseases when Your Birds Finally Start Laying
  13. Weeder Geese
  14. Pasted Vent: Causes and Solution
  15. How Often Should Multivits be Given to Chickens?
  16. How to Prevent Spraddle Legs in Broilers
  17. Supplementary Light: am vs pm
  18. Brown or Black Layers?
  19. Emergency Liquid Food for Sick Birds
  20. How to Help A Weak Chick that Does not Eat or Drink
  21. Biogas from Chicken Manure
  22. Poultry Drugs with No Withdrawal Periods
  23. Apple Cider Vinegar & Metal Drinkers
  24. Gumboro Vaccination
  25. Cost of Lab Test
  26. Oviduct Prolapse in Laying Hens
  27. What to Feed Laying Hens
  28. How to Help Birds Cope with High Temperature
  29. Feeding Strategies to Minimize Heat Stress in Hot Climate
  30. Open-Sided Poultry Houses for the Tropics
  31. 29 Super-Interesting Facts About Geese
  32. Raising Chicks: Things You Must Do During the First Week
  33. Avoiding Feed Wastage

On Ruminants

  1. Feeding Poultry Litter to Ruminants (goats, sheep and cows):
  2. How much feed will a goat need per day
  3. Importance of Baking Soda for Goats
  4. Fast Growing Trees for Ruminants (Cattle, Sheep and Goats)
  5. Bad Wormer for Pregnant Goat
  6. Avoiding Grass Wastage for Goats


  1. Download Feed Formulae for Various Farm Animals:
  2. Registered Members should Download These Ebooks:
  3. What is the difference Between Ventilation and Draft?
  4. Feed Formulae for Various Farm Animals
  5. Registered Members should Download These Ebooks
  6. Antibiotic Resistance: How Herbs and Plant Extracts can Help: Afraid of the bad consequences of using antibiotics? Herbs and plant extracts are coming to your rescue.
  7. How to Make Your Own Probiotic – Lactobacillus Serum Just as we have bad bacteria that cause diseases, we also have good bacteria that prevent diseases. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that will help to improve the intestinal health of your chickens. This will improve their health and growth and protect them from intestinal diseases. You can also spray this on your litter, compost etc to eliminate odour.
  8. Farmers do the work and middlemen reap the profit
  9. Factory Farming: A Blessing or A Curse?
  10. Controlling Flies in Animal Houses
  11. Benefits of Serological Monitoring of Poultry Flocks

On Crops

  1. Rice: How to Boost Production Massively
  2. How to Reduce Pest Attacks on Crops with Aspirin: Find out how cheap aspirin can help protect your crops from diseases.

On Renewable Energy

  1. Comparing Fuel Value of Biogas with Firewood, Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, Cow Dung, LPG
  2. Volume of Biogas Needed for Cooking, Electricity and Lighting
  3. Powering an Engine with Biogas: How Much Biogas will You Need to Produce Daily?
  4. Maximum Biogas Yield From What?
  5. Biogas Production: Avoid Failure by Using the Correct Carbon-Nitrogen Ratio

On Rabbits

Preventing serious digestive problem in Rabbit

How much feed will a rabbit need per day

On Snails

  1. Ants Attack in Snailery

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  1. How to Make Leather-Step by step guide:
  2. Manure Management: Are you having problem on how to dispose your manure? Find out ways you can put manure to profitable use. “Manure and fish production”
  3. How to Make Milk Products: Yogurt, Cheese, Fermented Cheese, and Butter “Milk and
    Dairy products”
  4. Pest control with plant extracts:


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