Raising Chickens: How to Stop Cannibalism & Excessive Pecking

Result of pecking

Within a flock, chickens have a ranking order known as pecking order. To establish this order, there would be mild pecking and this is very normal. But when they start injuring each other, pulling out and eating feathers, and trying to kill and eat each other (cannibalism), it becomes a serious problem. Below are some tips that will help you prevent and control cannibalism and excessive pecking. These bad behaviours can spread like wild fire if not checked.

Ensure that the flock is uniform in colour, breed, age, size and health status. Any chicken that is different in any of these characteristics can become a victim of pecking. Separate such bird to discourage the bad behaviour from starting or continuing. External parasites can cause excessive pecking, so check if it exists and treat accordingly. Avoid exposure to bright light. Red light can reduce pecking. Never
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