How to Reduce Pest Attacks on Crops with Aspirin

  1. Aspirin, a pain killer with acetyl salicyclic acid as the active ingredient, can help increase crops immune system and help them to fight against fungal, bacteria and viral diseases. It is effective in preventing blight, a fungal disease that can wipe out the entire crop in days. According to a research by US Department of Agriculture, aspirin solution reduces blight by 47%.

This finding is a welcome development, seeing that pesticides are getting costly and ineffective as pests continue to develop resistance. When threatened by diseases, plants increase their production of salicyclic acid to heal themselves. They also emit a salicyclic gas to warn other plants that dangerous insects are around. Through this process, plants can protect themselves from pest and disease attacks.

Any brand of aspirin will work, but plain, uncoated tablets dissolve best. Recommended concentration is 250-500mg of aspirin (about 1-2 regular aspirin tablets) in 4.5l of water. Spray the plants 2-3 times per month for best result. Spraying should be done before you spot the disease. This is because aspirin isn’t a pesticide, but it gives the plant the ability to fight diseases.

Apart from boosting crop immunity, aspirin also increase crop yield. You can also boost crop immunity from start by soaking seeds in aspirin solution before sowing.

Applying aspirin solution to roots as a soil drench also give good results against pests and diseases, including plant-pathogenic nematodes.

Aspirin is cheap, so go and try this with your crops.

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