Should Vaccination in Animals be A Must?
Hi guys, if I can keep my animal pen neat, feed them well and give them clean water, why should I vaccinate?
No matter how hard you try to keep bacteria and viruses away, you can’t succeed because they’re in the air, on your clothes, shoes etc. So invariably, they’ll still enter your farm and cause problem if the animals are unvaccinated. You may succeed in raising and selling unvaccinated animals but the subsequent batches you get might be where the catastrophe will happen and you’ll loose the net profit you’ve made in past years. Never ignore vaccination (especially for poultry) and you should consult a vet in your area for that.
Mind you, you can loose 70-100% of your animals (mainly poultry) if you don’t vaccinate. So don’t gamble with it.
Thanks a lot.

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