Goats: How much feed will a goat need per day
To help in planning feed storage, how much will a goat eat per day?
Meat goats will need about 3-4% of their body weight in dry matter per day. For dairy goats it is 5-7%. This actually depends on the age and production stage of the goats. A lactating goat will need more feed than a non-lactating goat. A buck during breeding period will need more feed than a resting buck. For pregnant does, the last 2 months of pregnancy is the period when the quality of feed is needed in larger quantity than during the first 3 months of pregnancy. By giving more feed of superior quality during this period, the goats will give birth to kids of higher body weight, the kids will grow faster and mortality will be less. So from those percentages, you can estimate how much feed you'll need.
Farmking I thank you very much. But what do you mean by dry matter?
Dry matter means the quantity of feed when all the water have been driven off. Fresh grass contains about 25% dry matter (DM). This means that a 100kg of such grass will contain 25kg solid and 75kg water. So if you have a 20kg goat that needs a daily feed intake of 4% of its body weight in DM, you'll need to feed it ...... Kg of grass per day?

Let's calm down a bit. Goats don't need only grass to meet their nutrient requirement. They need concentrates too. So let's say you're feeding them 80% grass and 20% concentrate.

So the total DM requirement of the goat is 4/100 x 20kg = 0.8kg DM. Now 80% of this value should be grass and 20% concentrate. So:

80/100 x 0.8kg = 0.64kg grass DM.
Concentrate needed is then 0.8kg-0.64kg = 0.16kg concentrate DM.

Let's focus on our grass:
we know that our fresh grass contains only 25%DM and we need enough fresh grass to supply 0.64kg DM. Here is how you do the calculation:

100kg fresh grass contains 25kg DM
How many kg of fresh grass will contain 0.64kg DM? It will be less, so more should divide:

0.64/25 x 100 = 2.56kg of fresh grass is needed.

Remember that we need 0.16kg DM of concentrate feed. It is important to know the DM content of your concentrate. Let's assume 90%. So:

100kg concentrate contains 90kg solid.
How many kg of concentrate will contain 0.16kg DM? It will be less, so more will divide.

0.16/90 x 100 = 0.21kg concentrate.

Finally, our 20kg goat needs 2.56kg of fresh grass and 0.21kg of concentrate every day.
Nice one farmking.
Yes, a really nice one. Thanks.

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