Revealed: How to Increase Your Plant Yield By 30%

My Young Moringa Tree

My Young Moringa Tree

The tip I’m about to share with you will help you increase your plant yield by 25-30%. And it works with almost any crop. Thanks to Moringa tree. The leaves of this tree is rich in vitamins, minerals, ascorbates, phenolics, antioxidants along with macro- micro nutrients and amino acids. They contain all the essential amino acids in a good proportion. All these combine to make this tree wonderful. But all these are not the only things that makes Moringa important as a plant growth promoter. The growth promoting effect also comes from the growth hormone (zeatin) that can be found in the young leaves and shoot.


Why Use Moringa Leaf  Extract?

Moringa leaf extract accelerate growth of crops, improve resistance to pests, diseases and stress conditions and increase yield by 20 to 35%.  Soak your seeds in this extract and their germination rate and general performance will improve remarkably. All these have been scientifically proven to be true!

Off Tip: If you want to live a healthy life, eat moringa leaf powder every day. And the best part is that it thrives in Africa and I even have about 6 of them in my house. You can plant them from seeds or from mature branches.

Below is how to make Moringa Leaf Extract – the plant growth booster.

Leaf juice extraction machine

Leaf juice extraction machine

1.    Freeze young leaves and shoots that are less than 40 days old and grind them. You may choose to grind without freezing. Add 1L of water for every 10kg of young leaves and shoot. Mix and squeeze out the liquid. The solid left is about 12-14% crude protein and can be fed to cattle, goats, sheep or poultry. The liquid is what we need. Sieve it through a cheese cloth and dilute it with water at 1:32. This means for every 1 cup of the moringa extract, add 32 cups of water. You can store this in a freezer for later use.

To extract more juice, you’ll need a leaf juice extracting machine.

2.    To use, spray the diluted extract on plants at a rate of 25ml per plant. Apply 10 days after first shoot appear, 30 days before flowering, when seed appears and during maturation. Alternatively, apply it to your plants every 10 days.

You can also use the diluted extract to soak seeds before planting.

Then sit back and watch how your plant grows. You may decide to spray it on some plants and compare their growth with that of plants not receiving the extract. The result will convince you whether it works or not. Remember, it does no good if you read things like this without trying them out. Try this out and tell us your result in the comment section.

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