Chickens Best egg laying chickens to Raise
I've read that the most economical breed is the commercial white leghorn-type hybrids. They produce white eggs and they consume lesser feed. But the problem here is that our people then to hate white eggs.

The reds or sex-linked hybrids will lay large brown eggs and they also produce meaty carcasses. Brown eggs are easier to market in Nigeria.

Pure breeds are not very good layers.
I don't know why Nigerians hate white eggs. Is it a taboo to them or what?
White eggs is acceptable in some places though.
Where can someone buy the white leghorn chicks?
(11-14-2014, 02:56 PM)Donk Wrote: Where can someone buy the white leghorn chicks?

I'm also interested in this. Does our local hatcheries supply it?
(11-17-2014, 06:35 PM)Henlus Wrote: I'm also interested in this. Does our local hatcheries supply it?
Does anybody have the answer to this?

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