Causes of blue comb in chicken?
Hello Farmersjointers, what can be the causes of blue comb in chicken? I've seen some hens with part of thier comb bluish. But they don’t look sick.
It can be due to lack of proper blood circulation or cold.
Sorry for the long delay in reply. It'll be probably due to cold. Do they need heat at this stage?
(12-20-2014, 07:25 PM)Manihot Wrote: Sorry for the long delay in reply. It'll be probably due to cold. Do they need heat at this stage?

No, just prevent draft, that is, prevent direct wind from blowing on them. You can use tarpauline or polyethylene to cover some sides of the house. Heating part of a coop will worsen the problem. They'll be severely affected when the heat source fails. If this should happen in severe cold, you can loose most of them. It is also bad to heat some spots and leave the rest of the house unheated. This is because when it is cold, birds trap some insulating air pockets with their feather to keep warm. If a bird move from a heated spot to an unheated place, it will not trap any air in its feathers and it'll probably be affected by the cold.

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