Chickens Herbs For Chicken Health
It would be nice if we list herbs and there health benefits for chickens here. I know of neem leaves (dogoyaro), bitter leaves, scent leaves and moringa. Neem can replace antibiotics to some extent.
You can also add ginger and garlic. They help in digestion and promote general health of the birds. It is best to add them in feed rather than water.
Another thing is this, adding ginger, onion and esp garlic powder to feed can protect the feed against fungi causing mycotoxin. In case you don't know, mycotoxin is very dangerous to birds and animals as a whole. Apart from death, it can cause reduce feed intake, low feed conversion efficiency and less productivity.
Wow, thanks a lot. These are secrets that can set someone apart from others. God bless u.
These are really awesome. I thank u all.
These links might be helpful:
How about aloe vera?

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