Saving Poultry Feed Cost with Concentrates
Do you know you can save feed cost by formulating your own feed? If you don’t want to go all the way to the scratch to formulate your own feed, you can use concentrates and add to it things like maize, wheat offal or rice bran and soybean meal. Below is an example:

AnimalCare sells a 25kg concentrate feed for layers for N3100. With this concentrate, you can formulate 100kg of feed as follows:

1.    Layers Concentrate: 30kg
2.    Maize: 50kg
3.    Wheat offal/Rice bran (as source of fiber): 20kg

The trick is to find places where you can buy maize and wheat offal/rice bran at cheap prices. You can get them cheap by buying directly from maize farmers and companies that have wheat offal/rice bran as byproducts. Having your own vehicle will save you a lot in transport cost.
Note: There are also concentrates for broilers.

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