Where can I Get Fruit Fly Protein Attractant?
I have experienced a lot of damage from fruit flies and I've seen them perching on my cuke fruits. One very effective way to get rid of them is by using a protein attractant mixed with an insecticide. The idea is that the females need protein-rich feed before they can mature and start laying eggs. By poisoning these protein attractants, you can kill alot of females and minimize their damage. Will protein rich foods like milk, meat, soybean meal etc do the job? Is their any diy protein attractant recipe I can use?
I once came across a website that also recommend yeast extract as a protein attractant. And if you go to some pharmacy shops you'll find yeast extract tablets. You'll likely find it in shops that sell health products. I'll also try this myself bc I had the same problem.
I'm learning. Tnks everyone.
I'm learning too. A little research just showed me how devastating fruitflies can be to fruit plantations,
I'm learning too. If anyone try this out practically, pls come back and share your result.
I got this recipe somewhere: 5 torula yeast tablets and 2-2.5 cups water. Mix and place in a fruitfly trap. Replace every 4 days.

Another one: 500g overripe banana, 10ml molasses, 10g borax and 2.5ml malathion. Put in trap and replace every 4 days.

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