Which Pre-emergence Herbicide 4 Cucumber Farm?
Hello all, which pre-emergence herbicide can I use in a cucumber farm that will have no effect on germinated cucumber plants?
Whichever one u use, don't allow them to touch ur crop. Fluazifop-p-butyl is a systemic, post emergence herbicide that will kill grasses but spare broad-leaf weeds and broad-leaf crops like cucumber, tomato, cabbage etc. Some herbicides have disastrous effect on cukes.
He was asking about a pre-emergence herbicide not post-emergence.
It was a mistake. Sorry for that. The preemergence herbicides that are safe for cucumber may not be available in nigeria yet. Though they can be imported. They include curbit (contains ethalfluralin), command (clomazone) and sandea (halosulfuron). See this link for more information: http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/preemergenc...and_squash.
@Henlus, I think this is an opportunity for smart importers to utilize and start importing all those her bicides. It is a pity we can't produce anything I in this country.
Thanks Henlus. I wish importers will take up the opportunity.
In case any one find those chemicals in Nigeria, pls let us know here.

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