How much land do I need to grow my own food?
How big of a farming ground is necessary to sustain a family of about 10? Who can help me estimate pls?
I love this idea of self sufficiency. To achieve it, you’ll need a protein source (plant and animal), fresh vegetables, storage vegetables, fresh fruits, and storage fruits. You’ll have to raise chickens, rabbits or goat and possibly fish. I don’t know for sure how much land you’ll need but you can estimate that if you do more research and craft out a plan.
I read somewhere that it is one acre per person. You also have to consider the soil, whether it is good for farming.
On a second thought I think 1acre per person too much? The main emphasis will be on storage and processing. Fruits and vegetables can last for years when dried. U can consider building a cheap solar dryer so that u can dry things faster and also dry during the rainy season. You can preserve meat by sun drying them during the dry season and by canning. Pot-in-pot refrigeration can be used to store some fresh fruits and vegetables. Add yours.
Almost miss this post. Thanks for ur contributns. I agree with what farmking said on storage. I'll need much less land if I find effective ways to store my produce.

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