I Finally Found Duckweed!
I usually thought that you can only get duckweed from riverine areas but lo and behold, I found it growing in somebody's backyard! I have also seen at somebody's backyard in Lagos but that was when I did not know about it. Attached is the picture.
[Image: duckweed.jpg]

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In case you don't know, you can get duckweed, dry and grind it. Because of the high protein content, you can use it in formulating feed for livestock and poultry. It will help to further reduce feed cost.
I Now Grow Duckweed: See http://www.farmersjoint.com/Thread-Growing-My-Duckweed
Is it good for broiler chicks?
Not very good. It's good for broilers of 4wks old and up.
Do you have any good feed formula that uses duckweed?
(02-24-2016, 03:08 AM)Ada Wrote: Is it good for broiler chicks?

Yes, but you must dry it under shade to get rid of water. Fresh duckweed contains over 90% water. So if u feed them to ur broilers fresh, u're feeding mainly water. Don't dry under the sun to avoid nutrient loss. @Henlus, have u gotten any feed fmla that include dry duckweed?

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