Chickens Keeping Poultry Pen Dry
Greetings all. Pls How can I keep my poultry pen dry? It has always been dry during the dry season when humidity was low, so dry to the extent of being dusty. That was also when they were on grower feed. But when they switched to layers feed, the dropping becomes watery and when the rainy season came, the litter has always been wet. I have to clean it almost every day.
Do you use wood shavings?
Yes I do sprinkle some.
How much do you use? Is the thickness up to 1cm?
(11-26-2014, 07:43 PM)Manihot Wrote: How much do you use? Is the thickness up to 1cm?

No oo, the pen is close to residential buildings so I won't want the poop to pile up for long.
I see we're both online and chatting. Well, try adding more wood shavings daily to cover the wet ones and see how it goes. You do have to build up the litter to more than 1cm depth. If you manage it well there won't be much problem with smell. Also make sure that sunlight does not shine into the pen. This can cause the some floors to absorb moisture from the soil below it. Good ventilation is also paramount.
We're chatting fine.

Sunlight does enter the house and I think that's a contreoibuting factor. Thanks for your help so far.

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