Why Does Broilers Grow So Fast?
Why do commercial meat chickens grow their table weight in just 7-10 weeks while backyard chickens takes much more longer to achieve that weight? Do they use some growth hormones or steroid for broilers? Between the two which one is more nutritious?
The main thing that differentiates broilers and other birds is breed. Broilers were bred to grow fast. Take it this way. Some goats are good in producing meat while the diary breeds are good milk producers. So it’s all about the breed. Another thing is the feed. Their feedis high in protein and well balanced. No growth hormones or steriod are used.

Broiler is more nutritious than backyard/local chickens. Generally, he younger the animal the more nutritious it is. A 6 week old broiler is more nutritious than a 10 week old broiler. You can now see why white men prefer meat from young animals.
Seems like you know everything. THANKS.

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