EnergyBin Biogas Units
EnergyBin Biogas Plants - Low cost ready to use PLUG and PLAY modules for all types of biodegardable wastes.
EnergyBin is available in various sizes such as - EnergyBin 250, EnergyBin 500, EnergyBin 750, EnergyBin 1000, EnergyBin 1500 & EnergyBin 2000.
EnergyBin biogas plants can be installed for treating biodegradable waste and converting it to BIOGAS which can further be used directly for Thermal Application or Electricity generation.
EnergyBin 250 Pics - Attached
EnergyBin 500 Pics - Attached
EnergyBin 750 Pics - Attached

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Are u having problem posting pictures?
Ok I've seen it. That's a big one. The numbers 250, 500, 700 etc, are they in liters, gallons or m3? Also is this available in nigeria?
How much do they cost?

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