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We are moving. - Milk_Bone - 05-23-2017

Hi.  We are moving to California soon to look after my uncle's business.  I have started searching for our new home.  I have 3 on my list.  Now I need your help about our purchase.  Do you happen to know a reliable company that offers a long term-fixed mortgage?  I really need recommendations.  Thanks for your time.

RE: We are moving. - stubbynubb - 05-24-2017

Is this your first purchase? here are some tips for buying a house:

RE: We are moving. - Milk_Bone - 05-31-2017

It will be my first purchase and upon checking with a credit union, my credit standing will qualify me to apply for a loan, however, they need a certain number of months of membership before my loan will be approved. I am in no rush to purchase a house but it would be good to move in right away. I considered this credit union because of their mortgage rates california.

I am considering inquiring from a commercial bank although for sure, their rates are much higher.