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House Size For Chicken - Charly - 10-30-2017

Good evening evryone. How do I determine the size of a house for a given number of birds?

RE: House Size For Chicken - Henlus - 11-04-2017

Good question bc overstocking will reduce growth, survival, health and air quality. The amount of space you need will depend on target live weight, climate and season and type of housing.
For us in the tropics that use open-sided houses, stocking densitity should be 20-25kg per square meter. So if your target weight is 2kg, you will need a maximum of 20/2 or 25/2 = 10-12.5 birds per m2. During hottest part of the year or at a target weight above 3kg, reduce it to 16-18kg per m2.
Note that if you can't keep temperature below 35oC, you'll have to reduce the stocking density further.
I hope this help. I got all these from Broiler Management manual which every registered member can download here: