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Solar Power via Satellite! - FarmTech - 06-13-2015

This is NASA idea. They want to use a satellite with an array of mirrors to collect energy from the Sun and send it back to Earth via a Microwave beam. The array will feature a modular, tulip shaped satellite equipped with thin-film mirrors to reflect sunlight into photovoltaic cells. The collected solar energy will be converted into microwaves that will then be transmitted back to a receiving station on Earth at a low frequency and intensity.

Power plants on Earth will be able to convert the Microwave energy into electricity and add it to the power grid. NASA says that each array system could create anywhere from tens to thousands of megawatts of energy.

Since the satellite array will use so many small, lightweight parts, it will also be simpler and cheaper to build than previous solar-power satellite methods. Instead of building a gigantic array on Earth and launching into space, scientists could send parts up into space on current cargo spacecraft so they could be assembled in orbit (much like a space station).

I just wish science will overcome this challenge very soon!

RE: Solar Power via Satellite! - Gabs - 03-02-2017

great, mankind has taken science to another level

RE: Solar Power via Satellite! - Milk_Bone - 05-23-2017

I guess my Dad should start using solar power.

RE: Solar Power via Satellite! - Henlus - 08-22-2017

What's the current statue for this project?