Full Version: How Much Fertilizer Per Cucumber Plant?
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When I planted some cucumbers for experimental purpose, I did not know how much fertilizer to apply, so I used 1 handfull for 2 plants. They grew well but I don't know if I over-fertilized and wasted fertilizer. Your help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
You can accurately determine that if you carry out soil test. But it is quite costly. The last time I asked at ADP Awka, they told me N10,000! But it is worth the cost if you cultivate large area of land or if your profit will more than cover the cost. And you don't have to do it every time you want to plant. You do it every 2-3yrs, when you want to plant a different crop or when u suspect fertility problem during growth.
@henlus, pls what do you advise those who can not afford the N10k soil test? Is there not a kind of general recommendation?
There should be a general recommendation but I don't know any. When I planted mine without soil test, I used 1 handful per plant when the vine started running and the same quantity during flowering. I did all these after a one-time applicatn of chicken manure. You may also need to fertilize during harvest. BTW I used npk 15 15 15.
The soil test is quite costly oo. The govt shud subsidize it.
Soil test I prefer. Thanks everyone,