Full Version: Neem (Dogoyaro) Seed as Insect Repellant
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A solution of crushed need seed can prevent insects from eating your crop. It repels insects and prevent them from laying eggs on crops. To make the solution, crush neem seed and soak in water over night. Filter the solution through a fine gauze, sieve etc to remove the bigger particles. Then using a knapsack or hand-pump sprayer, spray it on your crops. To be effective, spray every 10 days. 20-30kg kernels can treat 1 ha.
Pls how much seed should we use in a liter of water? Or it doesn’t matter?
You can use 25g of peeled and crushed neem kernels (inner part of the neem seed) in a liter of water. Or if you are using the seed, use 50g seed per liter of water.
Any idea where neem seed can be bought?