Full Version: Delousing
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If necessary, delousing should be carried out by dipping in 0.25 percent weak pesticide (sumithion, malathion or sevin) solutions at 17 weeks, if birds seem to be affected by external parasites. Perform dipping only on hot, sunny days. Take care to avoid dipping the head into the medicated solution. Leave the bird outside after dipping, to facilitate drying by sunlight. External parasite infestation may be prevented by ensuring that the floors are solid without cracks, and painting the wooden supports with a petrol-and-oil mixture or 40 percent nicotin sulphate dilution.
This my post reminds me of this info. Thanks! I normally see these tiny lice on my laying birds. I normally give ivermectin and it works. But it is not good to be using one control method all the time to avoid pest resistance from developing.